Saturday, 10 January 2015


Stress! Tension! Anxiety! Apprehensions! Fears!

Part & Parcel of modern life! (Obvious isn’t it?)

Can we count atleast ten people who live oblivious of the obvious?

Difficult right....?

Have you ever wondered how exactly do we live in peace, unmindful of the pressures around us?

Few follow the simple policy – “Ignorance is bliss”

But not always

Then what happens....

It’s our brain.....

Yes! We have “Short – term Memory” for “selected” items...

There has been loads of research on how we remember certain things and how we forget most of the things... It is because of repetition.......

A very simple example lies in our exam preparation...

The answers which we have read many times come in handy at the time of exams even if we hadn’t revised it the previous night. This is because many neuronal circuits are brought into play every time we read – The basis of Remembering!

There are certain things which forget – how?

We tend to ignore a few things and over period of time our Brain ignores these details!!

How is this relevant in any way to us? To this blog..... Diabetes??

Yes it is pretty much relevant...

The common misconception is that Diabetes stops with blood sugar being high, so it is enough to keep checking Fasting and Post prandial sugars alone!

In fact Diabetes is a Multisystem disorder (Not a Disease per se). It can literally affect any part of our body.

It is not enough to only check blood sugars, screen for other possible problems as well...


“Prevention is always better than cure”

Here is a reminder or repetition of what tests we need to do and when

Quaterly à HbA1c

Half -yearly à Lipid profile, Spot Microalbuminuria, Serum electrolytes (if you are on ACE/ARB antihypertensives)

Once in a year à Blood urea, Serum creatinine, Liver function test, Retinal examination, ECG, thyroid function test,  Foot Neuropathy testing & Complete Hemogram

May require (in some patients) – USG Abdomen, TMT, ECHO, C-peptide

Also discuss with your doctor regarding pneumococcal vaccination...

Take time for your health! Manage Diabetes better!

Give importance to prevention!

Discuss with your Doctor!

Live a sweet life!

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